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One of my early, and most devastating, childhood memories happened when I was in the 3rd grade. It may seem silly. And it certainly wasn’t the pain that some of your stories hold ...

You know that deep sense of "all is well"? The one that goes down from your head to your toes, and fills your bones? And you want to stay right there and experience this joy over and over again ...

For our family, the year 2008 began with an intense life and death battle. It was a season filled with uncertain, dark days. And, yet, God’s faithfulness had never been more beautiful ...

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What I’m Leaving Behind {Part 5}

What I’m Leaving Behind {Part 5}

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I am on a little journey, and I am leaving behind some old thinking. {Here. Here. Here. Here. And, last but not least, right here.} And the new, more glorious views that I take in along the way will come in the form of my prayers — because I am afraid // Of falling. Of not being enough. Of […]

When Life’s Not Fair

When Life’s Not Fair


My “passionate”, smart, funny, all-boy 9 year old has been struggling with anxiety again, and my mama heart is heavy for him. The battle has at times been very intense in the last 2 years. Exhausting and frustrating.  And so very revealing of God’s redeeming love. Anxiety is real. It isn’t something you can just […]

About Grace Gifted

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additionalcontentWelcome, friend, to a little place I’ve been dreaming of…

A place to walk slow, breathe deep, open wide, and receive grace. It’s a gift undeserved, and sometimes hidden, yet always waiting to be discovered.  

This seeing of grace comes through the lens of faith.  It’s a place where the invisible becomes visible.

This gifting of grace comes through an amazingly gracious and always good Father God. It’s one thing to discover grace, yet another to receive it as gift.

It is only when we receive grace gifted, that we choose to embrace the goodness of the Giver, in all things, no matter the cost.  And when we tune our hearts to amazing grace, we become like Him, as givers of all that’s grace.

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