What I’m Leaving Behind {Part 5}

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I am on a little journey, and I am leaving behind some old thinking. {Here. Here. Here. Here. And, last but not least, right here.} And the new, more glorious views that I take in along the way will come in the form of my prayers — because I am afraid // Of falling. Of not being enough. Of being imperfect. // And I need to reach out to the only One who has perfectly hemmed me in, behind and before (Psalm 139:5).

{This is the fifth, and final-yet-never-ending, leg of my journey…}

The Cross

When You cried out, “It is finished,” You not only wiped away all our sin, but You gave us permission to rest from all our striving. And because You are before all things, and in You all things hold together (Col. 1:17), we are free to just abide // to tarry, be held, and endure…as we pursue the Great Commission to “go make disciples.”

The origin of it all is Your unfailing, uncompromising, unconditional, and unashamed love. It is this same love that controls and compels us toward the Gospel (2 Cor. 5:17). It is the only love story where the last word will always be beauty, not ashes.

As we move between the busy places and the white spaces, shoulder-to-shoulder, with all of our broken pieces, may we lean hard and fall well into your Spirit.

Less of me, more of You.

We truly desire to make it our chief end, to glorify You and enjoy You forever. But the struggle is real. And goodness, can we make a mess of things.

Help us remember that it’s not about us.

It’s not about using the right tools, but uniting in real togetherness. This is where the fullness of God’s love spills out. It is the only emptying that actually fills (Matt. 16:25). It’s how others see Jesus in us (John 13:35). It is where the fruit of the Spirit ripens (Gal. 5: 15-25). And it is the only treasure we have to show that will outlast all the others (1 Cor.13).

And this is such good, Good News — not only to show, but to tell the world about.

Lord, forgive us when we shrink back. Sometimes fear paralyzes our hearts, just like Peter, and we find ourselves denying You…whether through our words, or the lack of them.

Make us brave as we stand before the whole world, and in our own little worlds, being the Gospel on display and telling the greatest Story ever. And when we’re not brave, Your name is still Redeemer. Oh, thank you for this grace.

Give us wisdom to know when it is time to sow, to toil, to reap…and when it is time to graciously move on. Plant us where we will be most useful to You, rooted and established in love, having power {together} to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ (Eph. 3:17-19).

We will never see from an eternal perspective ~ that glory is Yours alone. But, we have a ‘responsibility to respond to Your ability’ ~ You see all, know all, and are in all ~ all the time. We can trust Your heart, even when we can’t see Your hand.

Weave into our souls that the *real* art of making disciples is actually in the mess we create // through the in-and-out, every day, brushes with life // because it is here that You, the *real* Artist, reveal your greatest masterpiece…Jesus.

Leaving behind the old, walking in the name of the One who makes all things new, again and again,

(painting: Kristi Hall Art)

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