Grace Gifts

When we open our eyes *our hearts* to look beyond what is seen and into what is hidden, we receive the gift. Grace is revealed.

It’s like a treasure hunt. Always wondering, always seeking, always hoping. ¬†Because grace comes from His fullness, it’s always ready.

Often times, it comes during the routine and ordinary. The hard and the hard-to-understand. But it can always become {what a most beautiful sister-mentor calls}, a holy experience.

In this journey, I hope to share a few of these snapshots with you, every week. Some will be from my very normal and imperfect life as a mom and wife and Beauty-seeker. Others will be from those who share their beauty with us, through their own {extra}ordinary lives.

It is only with the hope that you may be inspired to see fully, to receive the gifts waiting for you, right this very moment…


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